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Are you ready for long-term results?

Do any of these sound familiar?

"There's so much nutrition and training information but what's right and will it even work for me?"

"I'm training hard but can't make progress like I see on social media"

"I'm either all in or all out with my diet and can't stay consistent"

"I've tried different diets but nothing works for me"

"I'm not confident on what I should eat"

"I'm not happy with how I look in the mirror"

You’re so frustrated with yourself that all sorts of questions start running through your

“Is this even worth all the hassle?”

“Am I wasting my time here?”

If you’ve ever felt like throwing in the towel.. You’re not alone!

It’s no surprise that most gym goers struggle with losing weight and gaining muscle.

The reality is, there’s a massive problem with the health and fitness industry and odds are you’ve been fed a bunch of lies when it comes to nutrition and training.. 

You’ve been told that you need to eat low carb to lose fat.

You’ve been told you need to eat 7 meals a day and spend all that money on supplements for muscle gain. 

You’ve been told that restrictive and regimented eating patterns is what it takes to improve your physique.  

I don’t know about you but restrictive, complicated, and time intensive regimens aren’t my thing.  

“So what’s the right way to go about things?” Glad you asked. 

Let me introduce myself

My name is Conor. I’m an Online Sports Dietitian and Personal Trainer.

I specialise in helping guys transform their bodies and their lives, using proven methods to build muscle and lose fat, helping to skyrocket self-confidence.

I believe knowledge is not power. Application is. But application can be difficult when you feel lost and confused.

That’s why I have created a four phase coaching programme, to help guys like you smash your goals and keep the results long-term. Learning not just WHAT to do but WHY you’re doing it is what differentiates those who get short term vs long term success. 

Through my coaching process I combine both degree level education with thousands of hours practical experience, to get you the results you want and give you the tools to keep them long term. 

What do I get?

Personalised nutrition programmes

Personalised nutrition programmes

No more cookie cutter plans handed on word documents!

Fully personalised plans are available tailored to your goal and most importantly, your food preferences.

Full recipes, nutritional breakdown and shopping lists are included, giving you plenty of ideas and some structure if needed.

What makes me different?



How do I know this is right for me?

Frequently Asked Questions

While I do everything in my power to help clients achieve results, no coaching can ever guarantee results. This is due to the fact that results are as much due to your own hard work and commitment as it is to my guidance. 

Having some experience with weight training is preferable. However, your programme will have instructional videos to show the correct technique for each exercise and we can programme according to your experience level. 

This ultimately depends on your goals. For example, muscle gain is a slower process than fat loss. Realistic time frames based off your individual goals will be discussed. 

On a weekly basis you login to your client’s portal online or via the app. Metrics such as weight, step count, nutrition intake, recovery, sleep, stress etc are provided. From this we collaborate to agree a plan moving forward into next week. 

I require a minimum 3 months commitment. This is to ensure there is enough time for the programme to work. As mentioned, my goal is also for clients to not only understand what to do it why they’re doing it. The educational aspect of each phase cannot be achieved in a shorter time frame. 

Clients can then continue coaching month to month.

Are you ready to join?

Before we get started, please fill in the below coaching application so I can get a better insight into you and your goals. I limit my coaching places to low numbers to maintain a high quality of service and screen applications to ensure we seem like a good fit.

We can then book a discovery call and have a chat before starting. Look forward to hearing from you!

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