Professional meal plans

Personalised nutrition programmes

No more cookie cutter plans handed to you on word documents!

Get a fully personalised plan that’s tailored to your goals and most importantly, your food preferences. 

Full nutritional breakdown, recipes and a shopping list are included, giving you the structure you need to support your goals. 

Available in digital format so you can save it on your phone for on the go access or print it out if you wish. 

How Does It Work?

Nutritional assessment

We start by building the foundations of your plan through gathering information such as your goals, baseline dietary intake, activity levels, medical history, food preferences, allergies, occupation and lifestyle. This ensures the plan is both safe and effective, with the biggest predictor of success in mind - compliance.

Crafting your plan

Using your assessment information, I get to work on your personalised plan. Multiple nutritional calculations are used to optimise your plan according to your specific goal. I aim to provide the plan within 5 working days of receiving assessment information.

Receive and review

After finishing your plan, you'll receive it by email, in PDF format. Within 24 hours of receipt, an opportunity for minor changes is provided to ensure you're happy with everything.

What does the meal plan look like?

Instead of describing it to you, why not check it out yourself! Click the button below for a free example

Your example meal plan has been downloaded 🙂 Note some parts have been blurred as discussed within!

Is a meal plan right for you?

While I truly believe this service is the best you will find, I want to ensure you’re clear on what you need. Unlike other nutrition professionals, I’m not afraid to say that meal plans may not be for everyone. And if this is the case, I’d rather you save your money and invest in a different service you’ll get more benefit from.

This service might be for you if:

A different service should be considered if:

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4 Day package


7 Day package


7 Day package with follow up

Frequently Asked Questions

This service provides a highly personalised meal plan for your given goal. By contrast, online coaching incorporates this service (if desired), along with education, a training plan plus accountability and support through regular check ins within an app. To help you decide which service would suit you, check out the section on “is a meal plan service right for you?”

Within 24 hours of receipt, there’s an opportunity to request small amendments such as this, free of charge. I use the words “small amendments” because the comprehensive initial assessment will ensure this is the case. 

As a result, it’s important to provide accurate information in the assessment form. E.g. If you state you like certain foods on the assessment form but on receipt of your plan decide to change your mind – this would be outside a small amendment. 

Meal plans may be helpful for certain people with various goals. For example, fat loss (cutting), muscle gain (bulking), sport specific nutrition etc. 

While I will leave no stone unturned to create the best plan for you, the reality is that no nutrition or fitness professional can guarantee you results.

In the case of meal plans, the perfect plan on paper will fail if you don’t stick to it. So it requires follow through on your behalf (or making suitable alternatives if this is not possible at times). This is obviously outside my control. 

If you have a medical condition that needs considered within your plan, please let me know via email before we start. As a Registered Dietitian, I am qualified to support your nutritional needs with various clinical conditions. 

However, similar to your GP, sometimes referral to a specialist is required to receive the best support. Depending on your condition, I may suggest a referral to a Dietitian who specialises in that specific clinical area. 

After you fill in the below contact form to register your interest, I will send a payment link to you by email. From here, I’ll provide full instructions on any information I need for the assessment process and I can start crafting your plan from there.  

Service Contact Form

Please fill out the form below to register your interest in this service. I’ll aim to get back to you by email within 24 hours with payment details and information required for the full assessment process. 

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